Personality Traits of the Financially Fit

What personality traits do most "financially fit" people share? in those seminar, Rosemary Van Cleef reviews the current research on how personality can relate to personal wealth, and how you can make your personality work for you.

Dates & Times

March 10th | 6PM - 730PM

June 3rd | 8PM - 930PM

September 22 | 5PM - 630PM

December 5th | 6PM -730PM

Subject Matter

Presented by financial planning and accounting pro Rosemary Van Cleef, this 90-minute webinar focuses on how personality can be related to financial success. Specifically, Rosemary will review research on the subject of the positive personality traits shared by many financially successful individuals. You'll learn how you can make your best qualities work for you, and build your wealth.


St. John's Convention Centre, 01 New Gower St, St. John's, NL A1C 4K2 | » Map & Directions