US Tax Filing Services

The Van Cleef & Kapur team knows tax law on both sides of the Us-Canada border. We're here to help you maximize your tax return and manage your filing, in noth The United States and Canada.

  • I recently purchased a property in the US, and I needed help filing a US tax return for the first time. Chelsea at Van Cleef & Kapur guided me through the whole process, and made sure I understood what was going on each step of the way.
    - B. Horn

Do I need to file a US Tax Return?

US citizens living in Canada, and Canadians who own rental properties in the United States must file both a Canadian tax return and a US tax return.

How can Van Cleef & Kapur help?

The Van Cleef & Kapur team will deftly navigate all your options, to minimize your liability for both Canada and U.S. taxes, so you're not paying more than you should be, or being taxed twice.

Where do I start?

US citizens and green card holders (who meet the income threshold requirements) must file a 1040 form every year. You may be subject to additional reporting if you own or are a beneficiary of Canadian mutual funds, TFSAs, RESPs, RRSPs or RPPs.

What's the deadline for filing US taxes?

For US citizens living outside in Canada, your tax return filing is due on June 15. The Canadian tax return deadline is May 2, and the IRS begins to assess interest on unpaid balances starting April 15.

Van Cleef & Kapur US Tax Services

  • Preparation of US federal and state income tax returns, for you and your family
  • US tax calculations
  • Coordination of US and Canadian deductions and credits
  • US and Canada treaty benefits
  • Assistance with correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

We're experts in Canadian and US tax law. Get in touch today to talk to us about your options, and we'll make sure you've got all your bases covered.

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